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The Benefits of Martial Arts

It’s been proven that with proper instruction Martial Arts can help reduce stress and tension, help with weight loss and provide self-confidence to the practitioner. Martial Arts training is also unique in that it provides its participants with the building blocks needed to develop stronger athleticism. This is imperative in children who may often find themselves not able to participate in certain team sports because they lack the athletic development compared to their peers. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the other hand, will allow children of all skill levels and athleticism to participate daily thus allowing for a stronger and faster development of abilities like balance, core strength, flexibility, endurance and so on.

Along with the development of key athletic abilities, our youth program here at BTT will also promise to instill key emotional characteristics into your child. You will notice improvements in discipline and self-confidence. As adults we are all aware of the various benefits these characteristics can offer in areas such as school.

BJJ is relatively young in comparison to other Martial Arts but it still teaches components of discipline, tradition and respect. Students learn certain traditions such as bowing before stepping onto the mat, bowing to the instructor and focusing on the instruction being given without interruption or distractions. Through these traditions the BTT Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program will help teach your child the importance of respect and hard work.

Here at BTT we also know and understand that it’s normal for a young child to experience nervousness when starting something new. This is why we try and blend the tradition of a martial art with a relaxed atmosphere in which the student also has the opportunity to laugh and enjoy the training session. We find that when a child deems an activity exciting then it’s easier for them to absorb the information provided. This blend of tradition and excitement is why you will sometimes see other activities at the end of class like soccer, tag and other games.

Enroll your child today and provide them with the opportunity to experience the various benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at BTT. Not only will they develop tangible skills and abilities related directly to the art, but also intangible attributes such as self-confidence and self-awareness. We want to help grow your child and allow them to reach their full potential.